STANDARD TERMS and CONDITIONSPlease note that our Standard Terms and Conditions Apply!-Son Security and Property Management





  1. Our rates are based on current supply prices and may fluctuate due to increases levied by suppliers and or other increases.
  2. Prices are Nett and payable by deposit of 60% upon acceptance of the work and the balance on presentation of an invoice.
  3. Projects will only be scheduled once the deposit appears in our accounts and the funds have been cleared.
  4. All prices are quoted subject to such work being undertaken within an area of 30km of our office, unless otherwise stated in writing.
  5. All power, water and secure storage to be supplied by the Client/Main Contractor on site, free of charges.
  6. Purchase only goods must be paid for in full and the payment must have cleared in our account prior to the goods being released/despatched.

Supply/Purchase only Goods

  1. Supply/Purchase only goods must be paid for in full, and such payment must be cleared in our bank account prior to any goods being released.
  2. The prices quoted exclude courier or delivery agent's charges and or delivery fees.
  3. In the event that a courier or delivery agent is required, one will be appointed by the purchaser, unless otherwise requested in writing and agreed upon by both parties.
  4. In the event that we appoint a courier or delivery agent or delivery is done on behalf of the purchaser, such costs will be for the purchasers account.
  5. Supply/Purchase only goods carry our standard guarantee/warrantee only if installed by a certified installer.


  1. All exports/imports exclude export/import duties and shipping, which shall be for the purchasers account.


  1. Batteries carry no guarantees for the simple reason that a single power outage or a couple of hours without power being supplied, or a transformer being disconnected, a failed trip switch etc., a battery could loose all of its charge and the plates buckle, the Gel dry out or for what ever other reason whatsoever.
  2. Normal battery usage below 11.5 Volts will kill a battery if it is not below voltage because it is already faulty...!
  3. Batteries considered charged are not so because of the Voltage, but the Amperage dtermines whether it is charged or not. If a battery is still showing a 12 or even 13 Volts charge, it does not necessarily mean that it is still working or that it will work!

Alarm Systems

  1. All Alarm Systems,Equipment and accessories are installed in accordance with latest legislation regarding alarm systems.
  2. Alarm Systems and equipment will be utilised in the most effective way possible to us.
  3. Wired Alarm Systems are all wired to the main control box.
  4. Wireless Alarm Systems, are either completely wireless, or may need to work in conjunction with wired, wireless extenders, depending on the product required for your particular installation.
  5. Paradox Smart Phone App - An application installed on your smart phone or smart device, which allows you full control of your alarm system. On/Off, Sleep, Stay.
  6. With the app, you will receive the following activations: arm, disarm, slepp, stay, alarm (including the zone that has activated), mains failure, user arm/disarm, battery failure, wireless zone battery low (with a description of the zone), claock failure, clock reset etc. 

Perimeter Beams
  1. Perimeter Beams installed by us will only be connected to an existing alarm control panel if the installer's codes have not been changed. Should the installer's codes be changed or the panel not be accessible, it will be the responsibility of the owner, his agent or responsible person to arrange the connection.
  2. Any additional time spent on site due to unforeseen circumstances such as or call back as a result of the 1) above, will result in additional charges being added to the account accordingly.

Palisade, Wire and Free Standing Electric Fencing

  1. The fence line is to be cleared of all obstacles and levelled by the Client/Main Contractor free of charge.
  2. Quotation based on easy pick-able ground, where required.
  3. All pegs and gate positions are to be pointed out to our erector prior to fencing being erected.

Electric Fence

  1. We will not be held liable for interference caused by the installation of the electric fence, or the energiser/s on any other electrical equipment or installations.
  2. While all precautions will be taken whilst installing electric fencing equipment and wall top brackets, we shall not accept liability for repairs or damages caused due to broken or damaged walls, bricks, pre-cast walls or walling, plaster, paving, painting, structural damage or any other damage, whether incidental otherwise.

Electric Fence Certificate of Compliance (ECOC)

  1. Electric Fence COC's are excluded from any and all quotations for Electric Fence installations, repairs, maintenance, upgrades and/or service/s.
  2. Electric Fence COC's are issued on the basis that the client holds up their side of the terms and conditions as required by EWSETA and SANS10222-3

CCTV Systems/DVR's (IP or Analogue)

  1. We will not be held liable for interference caused by any other electrical equipment or installations, which affect the operation of the CCTV System and accessories.
  2. While all precautions will be taken whilst installing the CCTV System and accessories, we shall not accept liability for repairs or damages caused due to broken or damaged walls, plaster, paint or structural damage, whether incidental or otherwise.
  3. Connectivity to the internet is not included in the Quotation, unless otherwise stated, in writing. Remote viewing capabilities are available and are not included in the Quotation, unless confirmed in writing.
  4. DVR/PC Software and product training will be provided at the then going rate for Training and or Product Knowledge Training.

Gate Motors/Automation

  1. All electrical reticulation to be supplied at the point of installation of the motor/s.
  2. The installation is to include a double pole isolator switch and must be within 1m from the point of installation of the motor/s.
  3. A minimum of a 2,5mm flat twin and earth cable, inserted in conduit, to be utilised to supply the power to the double pole isolator switch.
  4. The isolator must be installed in a weatherproof housing.
  5. If an existing gate is to be automated, the gate is to be free running and the wheels must be checked to ensure that the bearings are running smoothly. The track is to be straight and not damaged or to cause any hindrance or obstruction to the mobility of the gate. Rollers must run free running and not be worn or cause any hindrance or obstruction to the mobility of the gate.
  6. Quotations provided are for newly installed gate motors only. The removal of existing gate motors will be charged for at an additional cost.

Sliding Gate Installations

  1. All sliding gate rails which will be installed by us will be done according to our specifications.
  2. All underground undertakings such as services, telephone cables, electrical cable, intercom cables, mains or irrigation, water or gas pipes or any other item encountered, which may obstruct the installation must be relocated or moved at the client's expense.
  3. Should the relocation or move affect the installation, additional charges will be raised against the client to cover additional expenses or down time accordingly!

GSM Units, GSM Controllers, GSM Systems, Mircom/Comb Communications Intercom Systems etc.
  1. These particular Intercoms work with GSM Networks and are subject to signal quality!
  2. If there is or ever comes a problem with network connectivity, the card may need to be changed to an alternative suitable network, if all external antennaes available dont help boost the signal sufficiently. 
  3. Please note that old and new Systems may have different size GSM Network Sim Cards and will be for the clients cost, if changed.


  1. Until such time as the total price has been paid, in full, including variations, ownership of the materials delivered or installed shall remain vested in SON SECURITY AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENTand we shall have the right to remove same without prejudice to any other right SON SECURITY AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT may have. The client will still be responsible to pay the labour, installation costs and unrecoverable materials and/or consumables used in the process, including any and all legal fees in the recovery of same.
  2. We will not, under any circumstances, be held responsible or accountable, for any damage whatsoever caused to underground or in wall, in ceiling or roof undertakings such as telephone cables, electrical cable, intercom cables, mains or irrigation, water or gas pipes or any other item/s encountered of a similar nature.
  3. SON SECURITY AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENTwill not be held responsible for any installation that may be contrary to or in violation of any local Municipal By-Laws.
  4. All quotations and offers made and subsequent orders accepted are subject to the above general terms and conditions, unless specifically stated to the contrary.
  5. SON SECURITY AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT guarantees its work for a period of One year from date of completion subject to normal conditions of use.
  6. All newly supplied and installed equipment comes standard with a One year manufacturers Warrantee, subject to normal conditions of use.
  7. SON SECURITY AND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT shall not be held liable for any delays caused by, or arising from force majeure, act of God, civil commotion, riot, insurrection, strike, fire, flood or any circumstances beyond our ordinary control.
  8. Errors and Omissions excluded!

NB! All extras, delays and additions will be charged for accordingly.