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SonSec 4Ch 360⁰ Car DVR

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This state of the art SonSec 4ch 360⁰ Car DVR system is support technology for the uses listed below. This innovative system utilizes four individual wide-angle (170 Degree) cameras mounted around the vehicle. The images are then processed to provide a full 360 live view or playback on your infotainment system to form a bird's eye view. Five or six different views are selectable through the control switch, some of which can be automatically selected (optional wiring) when the turn indicators or reverse gear is selected (optional wiring).

Some of the uses are as follows:
1. It assists drivers to park more easily, by better understanding the vehicle's surroundings through a virtual bird's-eye view from inside the vehicle. It helps the driver visually confirm the vehicle's position relative to the lines around parking spaces and adjacent objects, allowing the driver to maneuver into parking spots with more ease. The system can display the bird's-eye, front and rear views, making it possible to check the vehicle's 360-degree surroundings simultaneously with either the front and back.
2. The System offers a built in motion sensor, and will record for 2 minutes after it has detected a collison with the vehicle, even when parked and the vehicle is switched off, on condition that the battery is not less than the prescribed 10.5 volts required to drive tehe system.
3. The SonSec 4Ch 360⁰ Car DVR offers video evidence in case of an accident and can be submitted as evidence in a case where responsinbility is denied by the other party involved.

4. It can assist in providing crucial evidence in kidnapping, Hi-Jackings and even drive by incidents, when recording are viewed and suspects could possibly identified!


Main Function:
Default View on Start-up:
The 360 Bird eye'view provides the driver with a complete view of the vehicle surroundings.offering assistance when parking or manoeuvring in restricted spaces. The system automatically switches view when the car is placed in reverse gear, or when the turn indicators are used.
Around view is especially useful when reversing into or out of parking spaces, as it offers the driver the top view combined with a wide angle rear view, to negotiate even the tightest of spaces. If required the driver can switch to a full screen view of the front or rear cameras using the control switch.

The system also allows for an automated option, where the view automatically switches to the rear view canmera. (Optional)
Vehicle Indicators on - Left or Right: (Optional)
When the indicators are used, the system will project the left or right camera images onto the screen in addition to the top view, providing the driver with a perfect view of hazards in the blindspots, such as cyclists and other low objects which cannot be seen in the side mirrors. This will also prevent kerbing of wheels, which can be costly.
Full Screen Ultra-wide Angle View (Selectable by Remote Control):
The driver can manually engage full screen front, left, right or rear view, which provides a much wider camera image of the vehicle front/side/rear surroundings. This is very useful when visibility is restricted-for example at a junction with a hedge or wall blocking the view of the oncoming traffic, or reversing out onto a road, many accidents are caused this way. The around view 360 feature will see what you can't see

1. Seamless splicing technology: auto image mosaic
2. Universal for almost all cars
3. 4 x super wide angle cameras (above 170 degrees): waterproof IP67, night vision. Recorded
can also be used to provide irrefutable proof against fraudulent claims etc.
4. Convenient for installation: no harm to the vehicles appearance
5. 360 degree bird's-eye view: providing the driver a clear 360 degree bird's-eye view around vehicle
6. Eliminate most of the blind spots: makes much easier for parking and passing the narrow road
7. Loop overwrite recording: automatically overwrite the original video and continue recording
8. Intelligent parking monitoring: when parking car, the parking system can continue working, intelligent induction open
9. Power consumption protection: smart sensor battery voltage, to prevent the original car power consumption

Image sensor: PC1099
Optical size:1/3 inch
Pixel pitch: 5.0*7.4um
Effective pixel: 720(h)*480(v) pixel
Horizontal resolution: 580 TV lines
Video format: NTSC
Dynamic range:>72db
S/N ratio: >48db
Minimum illumination: 0.1 Lux
View angle: 170
Video output: 1.0V@75Ω

Host Device (4ch DVR):
Supply voltage: 12v
Voltage range: 8-30V
Consumption current (without camera) <300@12v
Video output resolution: 720*480 60Hz
Language: Chinese/English
Operation temperature: -20-65

Storage temperature: -40 - 85

Package Includes:
1 X Host (4ch DVR)
1 X Wire Harness, includes USB connection for External Hard Drive
1 X Remote Control

4 X Camera(Front, Rear, Left, Right)
1 X USB connection for External Drive 

1 X Video Output Cable
1 X Trapper
4 X Camera Extension Cables
1 x Infrared Receiver
1 X Online User Manual

Introducing the
SonSec 4ch 360Car DVR
complete with 4 x 170 Waterproof Cameras, DVR, Extension cables, for a complete installation.
(see Package Includes)

SonSec PanoCam 360 Car DVR 1
SonSec 4ch 360 Car DVR
llers Kit

SonSec PanoCam 360 Car DVR 1a
SonSec 4ch 360⁰ Car DVR

   SonSec PanoCam 360 Car DVR 2                            
SonSec 4ch 360 Car DVR
eatime Imaging to Seamless Splicing

                 SonSec PanoCam 360 Car DVR 6       
SonSec 4ch 360 Car DVR
eatime Imaging to Seamless Splicing

     Sonsec PanoCam 360 Car DVR 3
SonSec 4ch 360 Car DVR  

Say goodbye to blind spots 

SonSec PanoCam 360 Car DVR 4                   
SonSec 4ch 360⁰ Car DVR
Out of sight Installation

SonSec PanoCam 360 Car DVR 5

SonSec 4ch 360 Car DVR

Out of sight Installation

                                                       SonSec PanoCam 360 Car DVR 8                        
SonSec 4ch 360⁰ Car DVR
Camera selection by indicator (Optional)

         SonSec PanoCam 360 Car DVR 7
SonSec 4ch 360 Car DVR
Car Guarding Function when car is unattended!