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The Paradox Company History and Goals
Personalized Service, Innovative Technology Since 1989

At Paradox, our mission is to provide our customers with personalized service, to manufacture innovative and quality products, and to continually build a strong team consisting of our customers, employees, and suppliers. We see this team as one team committed to move forward together, with one unique and common goal.

As a private company, we are not driven by short-term profit or concerned with stock pricing. We are proud to operate in a more traditional manner; our fuel is our passion towards developing innovative products, all the while fulfilling our customer¹s wishes and listening to their feedback.

Paradox Keypads

Our products are sold only to and through our loyal distributors in over 100 countries, most of them exclusive Paradox distributors.
This approach ensures that they receive our undivided attention.

Paradox MG6250 Wireless Alarm System
DIY Alarm System

We are not driven by sales, but by supporting our distributors and dealers with the best service and products. We are proud to be able to say that 90% of distributors and most of our suppliers that started with us in the 1980¹s are still our loyal customers today.

Every year, we invest heavily into our research and development department. We are always focused on the future. Our goal is to constantly refine our products and adapt to changing technologies and new standards of living. The steadily growing R&D team at Paradox Innovation is continually challenged to create products that are innovative, easy to use, and stand out - both technologically and aesthetically.

Paradox PMD85
Wireless Outdoor Beam

Since 1989, these goals have driven the development of revolutionary products. We started with an impressive line of motion detectors whose patents are still used in our products today. In 1996, we introduced the Digiplex series of security systems, featuring our encrypted expandable bus system. In 2001, we introduced an extensive range of wireless systems, including the award-winning Magellan all-in-one console. Over the last few years, our focus has shifted progressively towards software development.

In 2007, we revamped and shifted many products to new platforms, including the MG, SP and EVO series. We also introduced advanced c
ommunication modules using GSM and IP, and in-field firmware upgradeable hardware. We are also proud of our history, and showed it by re-introducing the Elegance a beautifully styled motion detector that we first produced 20 years ago.

With personalized service and innovative technology since 1989, the Paradox team works together with our customers and suppliers to reach our goals!


IDS designs and manufactures a broad range of electronic security products with a focus on intruder detection, from alarm panels and keypads to infrared detectors, remote receivers and transmitters, as well as telephone base stations, radio communications and GPRS equipment. 

Our product range is renowned for its robust simplicity and reliability. South Africa has the highest rate of domestic robberies per capita in the world, and in this demanding environment, millions of South Africans have turned to the trusted IDS brand for security peace of mind. 

IDS LCD Keypads

We're proud to partner with OPTEX, leaders in their field of world class detection. With the assistance of OPTEX, IDS have developed Xwave technology integrated with OPTEX Detectors to provide a fully integrated, out-the-box wireless solution. IDS have also secured the distributions rights of the OPTEX wired range of detectors. 


IDS XSeries Alarm

Along with the above, IDS have developed a strong relationship with Dahua Technology, a world-leader in advanced video surveillance solutions, recently securing the official distribution rights of Dahua products world-wide

Company Profile

Texecom is Europe’s largest independent security alarm specialist providing bespoke design solutions that protect people and property throughout the world. Texecom’s award-winning products cover every aspect of external and internal security requirements, including a full range of motion detectors, control panels, perimeter protection devices, fire detectors and external sounders. Texecom has recently launched a new ground breaking wireless technology, Ricochet mesh networking, to universal acclaim.

Texecom Ricochet Wireless Alarm System

Complete control for all aspects of development is ensured through design, manufacture and thorough testing of all products in state-of-the-art UK facilities. With a passion and a focus on innovation, simplicity of operation, style and reliability, product requirements are engineered into leading edge designs, outstanding in both quality and performance.


Texecom Premier Elite Keypads
Polished Chrome


Texecom is firmly committed to providing products that exceed the demands of European and international standards.
Texecom prides itself on producing innovative products, designed to exceed expectations.
Every product within the range is fully compliant with the requirements of the latest European Standards.

Texecom is a Halma Company. Halma makes products for hazard detection and life protection and is a market leader in specialist electronic, safety and environmental technologies.



Security is What We Do

DSC (Digital Security Controls) is a world leader in electronic security.
Since the company’s genesis, the experts at DSC have been leading the way.
From our revolutionary control panels, to our industry-leading IP alarm monitoring products and now
to our sleek, contemporary self-contained wireless panels, DSC has always been front and center in the security space.


From a Proud History We Lead Into the Future

Founded in 1979, DSC has a proud history of innovation. We introduced the industry’s first small and attractive security keypads and micro-processor-based alarm panels that set new standards for performance, convenience and ease-of-use.

In 1990 DSC acquired Sur-Gard, a competitor specializing in central station monitoring equipment, and in 1998, added to the family of brands with the acquisition of Italian security product manufacturer, Bentel. The DSC Group was acquired by Tyco International in 2002 and DSC, Sur-Gard and Bentel became individual brands under the Tyco Fire & Security portfolio. In 2007 Tyco separated into three independent, publicly traded companies with DSC moving under the new Tyco International banner.

DSC Keypad

In the 21st century, DSC continues to innovate in the areas of superior security monitoring, Internet security communications and wireless security products. We design and manufacture security control panels, detection devices, communication products and structured cabling solutions and our products are in homes and businesses across the globe.

DSC Wireless Alarm System


A Global Brand with the Highest Standards

DSC is a global brand with its headquarters in Toronto.
We are recognized by our distribution partners and as well as integrators and security dealers for leadership and expertise – and for products of superior performance and reliability in more than 140 countries. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Canada and Italy and our teams of leading engineers and security experts are continuously developing the next innovations of quality, reliable security products.
We are dedicated to achieving the most up-to-date ISO quality assurance standards and to Six Sigma methodology for superior product efficiency, performance and reliability.


Technology and Experience – An Unbeatable Combination

DSC puts forth an unbeatable combination of leading-edge technology and industry experience. The results are RELIABLE, FLEXIBLE, DURABLE security solutions of the highest QUALITY that are easy to install, easy to use, and are easily UPGRADEABLE. It’s simple. We know this space better than anyone. And we have for over 30 years. So, when you need exceptional security products that work when it matters most, look to DSC.

DSC Security Systems

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