ABOUT US - We did not invent security systems we simply made them work together better to protect you.-Son Security and Property Management

About Us

Our company was founded by a visionary with the objective of creating a truly world class company
that is fully committed to offering only the best products, systems and service.

Son Security and Property Management - Management

We have in excess of 35 year’s experience in the security and related field,
and in that time, met many different manufacturers and suppliers, encountered plenty of people (in varying positions)
and some Companies just stand out amongst the crowd,
because they offer the best value for money Products, Systems and Service!

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with the best of those companies
and have learned a lot, before, during our association with them and
we are able to offer our clients that same valued experience!

We consider our relationship with such companies beneficial and have seen a steady growth in our business,
as a result of our experiences, transparency, honesty and reliability, while providing our clients a 1st class service!

We have taken our experience to offer our clients renewed levels of service and by doing so,
find ourselves forging new partnerships daily.

It is our intention to partner with individuals such as you, and offer you the best value for money
Products, Systems and Service and trust that our association will benefit us all, starting NOW!

Let us help you find the right product or system and provide you with the level of service you deserve!

Son Security and Property Management - Technicians at work

Our Journey
In the early 90's, then known as Securi-Mark,
we found a gap in the industry and decided to fill that gap,
by providing services that have not just become necessary,
but essential in our every day lives.

The vision from the very beginning was to make a difference by genuinely helping customers and providing them
a much better value for money and back it up with excellent after sales service and support.

Some of our important customers include the industry leaders who chose us after a very careful evaluation
and we have been able to exceed their expectations resulting in complete customer satisfaction.

We always look for a win-win relationship which is one of the reasons
we have long term relationship with all our customers.

If you would like to know more about our Company, Products, Systems or Services, 
please feel free to contact us.